Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two's a Crowd

It's the second to last week of the semester! I've been trying to study hard, but in all actuality, this just means I've been knitting like a fiend. Ever since finishing my socks, I seem to have developed a urge to knit a lot of things in pairs. I finished my Mosey leg warmers, which came out rather nicely, if a little looser than I would have liked. It was my first time doing I-cords, and while I love the look of I-cords, I really just don't like knitting them. 

These leg warmers knit up very quickly, though, much quicker than I thought they would, so they were nice. It was just the fact that I had to do it twice that made me want to drag my feet. These have been in my queue  ever since I joined Ravelry, so it was very, very nice to finally get around to knitting them. I think it really shows how far I've come in knitting!

I also just finished my Longbourn Mitts--and with these, I think I am done knitting in pairs for a LONG while. Thanks to the Lizzie Bennet Diaries webseries, I've been getting into Jane Austen's works, and of course, that meant that the last time I went to the bookstore I picked up the Jane Austen Knits fall magazine. Everything in there is gorgeous and I want to make everything...but I don't have enough yarn! I fell in love with the ties on these mitts, so I had to make them. Doing these gloves wasn't my favorite project, but I think that was because by the time I had started on my second one, I was sick of doing things that required pairs.

 I'm going to go back to instant gratification projects for a while now--I'm working on a Orient Express shawl, and a Haruni for when I'm on the plane--because I'm headed to Taiwan in exactly a week! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Black Friday Haul

So, this is a really late post, but I wanted to wait until my Cyber Monday purchases came in so I'd have pictures to show you all. Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year, mostly because I can spend a lot of money and feel only marginally guilty...because everything's on sale! My friends and I got up relatively late on Friday (around 8:30 AMish) and we first went to Kohl's, which is already pretty cheap.

I bought that dress there for 50% off its original price of about 42 dollars, which I was very happy about. I love dresses, but never really get around to buying them, so it was nice to mix it up and actually obtain a dress.

From there, we went to the mall. One of my friends' favorite stores is Express, which is a store I also love, but can never afford. However, Express was having a 50% off everything until noon sale, and my friend spotted this hi-low skirt and made me try it on.

It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm wearing it right now, actually. It's 72 degrees here in Williamsburg right now, and so I had to take advantage of the weather. It's also a bit windy, so the skirt billows out behind me and makes me feel like a model, haha. I'm so glad I tried the skirt on. It was literally a last-minute purchase...we were standing in line when my friend found it!

I also went to Sephora and bought this nice red-coralish lipstick (The Sephora brand in Jealous). I've been looking for a nice lipstick for practically forever, and I really, really, really adore this one. It wasn't on sale, but I think it was a good purchase regardless.

And lastly, I bought yarn! I absolutely could not resist Knitpicks Cyber Monday sale, and came away with five balls of yarn. I bought 3 balls of Stroll in Wonderland Heather, which is actually a slightly darker blue than I imagined, but a pleasant surprise, and a limited colorway by the name of Heirloom. I was going to use the Heirloom to make a Haruni shawl while I was overseas, but now I can't decide! The blue just reminds me of winter so much and it would be very fitting to work with, but the Heirloom is just so rich and deep and bold. I just can't decide!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Socks Socks Socks

I finally, finally, FINALLY finished my socks! They look great! I'm so excited! I can't stop talking with exclamation points!

In all seriousness, however, I am very excited to finally have finished those socks, not only because it's my first pair of socks, but because they were beginning to drive me crazy just sitting there on my desk, almost finished but not quite there. It got so bad that I started two more projects, a Mosey and a  198 Yards of Heaven, in the hopes that my attention would wander back to the socks...and they did!

 I love all the projects I started, of course, but these socks! I don't think I'll start another pair of socks for a while, though. They make great portable knitting, but working with DPNs gives me a lot of grief, sometimes. Also, my gauge seems to have changed halfway through the second sock, and so the heel and gusset stitches I picked up were a bit looser than the ones on my first sock. But looking at the sock, I suppose it's not that big of a just bothers me because I know.

The more I look at the color, though, the more I'm dissatisfied with it. From a distance, I guess the gray and purple is kind of an okay combination...but I don't know. There's just something about it that makes me want to go and buy a nice skein of coral yarn or something.

Speaking of yarn, I made great use of Knitpicks' Cyber Monday sale! I've got five new skeins of fingering weight heading my way, with my fingers crossed that they'll get here before the end of the semester. (They better show up! That's my airplane knitting for the holidays right there!)

Edited to add in links.

Monday, November 12, 2012


The semester flies by so fast! It seems like just last week, I was moving back on campus and getting ready for my new classes. Now I've got a week and a half left before Thanksgiving break, and then really only about a week or two left before the end of classes! Wow! The holiday season is always my favorite time of year, because it always makes me happy and warm...especially because I really do have an excuse to sit around knitting all day. And boy, have I been knitting!

I finally, finally, finally started my first sock project--although I don't have pictures yet, and am about halfway done with the entire project...which means I've finished my first sock and have entered the Second Sock Slump. Is that a thing? It should definitely be a thing. I'm about halfway done with the cuff of the second sock, but it's reached that point where it's starting to get tedious. But yes, socks are very easy and portable, and I've taken to taking them to all my club meetings.

To break it up, though, I made a shawl, two cowls, and just started a pair of legwarmers!

That is the Just Knit It shawl, which is the absolute best for TV knitting--just garter stitch back and forth non-stop. Both my mind and my fingers were just so happy with it! The border is this nostalgia border, which is crochet, and also very gorgeous. It gave the shawl a more feminine quality and I just thinks it looks great! I've mentioned it before, but I got new pictures, so I thought I'd mention it again. (I'm very proud of this one!)

Both the cowls I made recently were gifts, actually! First, I made another Bandana Cowl, this one in a thinner yarn, and subsequently, a smaller size for a small friend of mine. She wears it all the time. I'm glad! 

I also got around to making this Burberry-inspired cowl, which has been on my list since I rediscovered knitting last year. It's the kind of thing that only makes sense/looks like the picture on the Ravelry page when you've finished it, and not a minute before. This was for my hallmate, who my friends and I affectionately call Mommy. It was my first time trying kitchner stitch, and it was surprisingly easy, given how confused I was the first time I saw it. It wasn't exactly even, the way it came up, but it still looked pretty good for my first time! 

Lastly, I've started on Mosey, which I have lusted over for nearly as long as that mock-Burberry cowl. It's my first time reading charts for it, too! I prefer written instructions--they're usually less confusing to me, but so far, the charts haven't perplexed me at all. Hopefully it'll stay that way.

I've got almost exactly a month to go before the end of the semester...and then, I'm off to Taiwan for a month! I'm so excited to spend Christmas and New Year's with my family in Taiwan, especially because I have no memory of having ever done so. My family has always visited Taiwan in the summer during summer vacation, but now that I'm in college, we don't have to stick to that schedule anymore! First, though, I have to get through all my classes. Ahh, I can't wait! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mini FO Dump

Wow, I can't believe it's already October! It's been super fast and busy, but I've still managed to find time to do some knitting, and even a bit of crocheting. I finally finished my ulzzang hat, as I detailed before. The pattern to that will be posted soon--I just really need to get around to getting good pictures for it. Sadly, I haven't gotten around to trying socks, as I've been swearing I was going to try. Instead, I've been focusing on giving my Chinese Student Organization littles a great clue week! But that doesn't mean I abandoned knitting at all. Instead, I re-took up crocheting to make my little these adorable hedgehogs.

I did not actually know Joann's sold safety eyes, but now that I know, maybe I'll take up crocheting again! The fun fur I used for the body of the hedgehogs was actually quite irritating to crochet, but I think that was to be expected. In any case, the important thing is that my littles enjoyed them.

I've also taking to watching Teen Wolf this semester to cope with all the schoolwork. It's really interesting, actually. And of course, I have to have TV knitting while watching. I just finished my Just Knit It shawl with a   crochet nostalgia border. The yarn is acrylic, but super soft. I know it'll keep me super warm this winter...but not now, because even though it's October, here in Williamsburg, we still get temperatures up to 80 degrees! It's really quite amazing. Apparently Hurricane Sandy is heading towards we'll see what happens! In any case, I've still got yarn, so if all else fails, I'll just keep knitting! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Improvising Patterns

Now that classes have (kind of) settled down, I've gotten around to knitting again! There is a ball of yarn sitting on my desk on top of my books, and I just pick it up and start knitting away while I'm studying, if only so I have something for my hands to do. And a few days ago, I finished my first college knitting project!

I know I've been saying that I was going to learn how to knit socks, but I couldn't turn down the chance to make a pom-pom hat! I love pom-poms, especially gigantic pom poms! This hat was inspired by the hats that ulzzangs (literally, 'best face', they're sort of like amateur fashion models) wear in Korean fashion photos. I've seen hats like those go for 20-30 dollars, and I just don't have the money to spend on that...but I do have enough to buy some yarn and make one of my own!

The hat turned out a lot slouchier than I expected it to, and doesn't quite fall the way I want it to, but I've got nothing but compliments so far! The pom-pom is most definitely my favorite part, even if it's really heavy. I love making pom-poms! I may or may frog it and make it less slouchy--I'm making some more hats for my friends, and will be tweaking the pattern until it turns out just the way I want it to! And then, of course, I'll share it with you all! 

And sometime soon, I will get around to knitting those socks.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

College Snapshots

I've got a busy week ahead, but I thought I'd share some pictures before diving into classes again!

A beautiful sunset from my dorm kitchen window!
I've got yarn again! I'm currently swatching for my newest
project, which, as it turns out, is a hat, not socks. Stay tuned
for more details on the hat!