Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Day(s)

Over the weekend, I took a break from knitting to do some DIY fashion! My friends and I got together to create watermark t-shirts and tote bags using this tutorial here. It was really fun just to hang out with my friends, as we don't go to the same school anymore or we haven't seen each other often over the summer due to being busy. There was Harper (of Thrifty Miss Harper), Rosie (of Authentically Rosie), and our friends Sam, Serena, Miguel, and Cate.

We all got together on Sunday to make these tshirts, which meant we had to go on a supply shopping trip first! We went to Michaels, and I couldn't resist--in addition to DIY supplies, I also bought two balls of yarn (Caron Simply Soft in Watermelon and Autumn Red), and 10.5 and 13 circular needles. I don't have pictures of those, sadly, as I've already squirreled away my yarn and put my needles to use...but more about that later!

My friends and I spent the most of the afternoon looking for glue, would you believe it?! We needed to use gel glue for our shirts, but both Michaels and Walmart didn't have the blue Elmer's gel glue we were looking for, which was kind of mind-boggling and frustrating! We finally bought pink and purple glitter glue and hoped it worked the same way. So with supplies bought, we retreated to my Rosie's house and started our tshirts!

Let me just say, the glue was most definitely the most difficult part of everything we did. While I was designing my shirt, my hands started to cramp from squeezing out glue, and the next day (up to now, even!) my thumb felt sore. My mother claimed that I had texting thumb, but I think that was because she had just watched a segment on texting on the news. My mother's funny like that. But anyways, I digress.

A lot of my friends had a lot more difficulty than I did figuring out what to put on their tshirts, so while they were deciding, I undertook another craft, this tshirt mod! I bought a 2X Captain America tshirt a while ago with the intention of turning it into a tanktop, and I'm happy to say that I was successful!

Even after that time, though, the glue didn't dry on our tshirts and it became apparent we wouldn't be able to dye our tshirts that day. But the great thing about being college kids is that coming back later in the week was a definite option! So I went back to Rosie's yesterday, and along with our friend Sam we finally got around to dying everything!

Dying was hands down the best part. It was so much fun, and the colors were all so rich that I couldn't help but drool. Luckily, the glue worked just as we hoped it would, although, it gave all our clothes a sheen of sparkle that we weren't expecting. It was not by any means unwelcome, however! I'm still waiting for the dye to set, but I can't wait to rinse out dye and see the final product! Straight out of the dye, however, I am very pleased. This is definitely a project I want to repeat soon, and I've already got ideas for what to put on my next tshirts!

On the yarn front, I'm so close to finishing my Noble Cowl that I can taste it! Quite literally, I have 4 rows left, and the only reason that is is because I had to go to class right then. But I will finish it as soon as I get home! My fingers are just itching to knit, sore thumb and all! I like the pattern so much that I've decided to make another one in red--the dark red I bought from Michaels on Sunday. But I'm going to give this pattern a break before I really start. I bought new needles for a next projects are this headband and this cowl! That will take care of all my new balls of yarn, actually. I have one or two more balls of frogged projects, but besides that, I've managed to cull my already tiny stash!

It was also my friend Yena's birthday last Friday, so I decided to knit her an iPhone cozy like the one she had been coveting last winter! I had the complete intention of knitting her one for Christmas then, but I was having my first programming crisis of the semester, so I never did quite get around to it. It was my first attempt at not using a pattern, and my first attempt at creating an iPhone cozy of any kind, but I think I did quite nicely for my first time! I'll try and type the pattern up in the next few days, in case anyone wants to try it for themselves.

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