Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I finally finished that cardigan! And a couple of other things, so this is really me just showing off all my FOs. I don't have a good camera, so the colors are all slightly off, but that's okay! I'll invest in a good camera eventually. So, the cardigan in all its finished glory!

I took this picture late at night (which is when I do most of my knitting, to be honest), and you can tell. I should have probably employed a little patience and waited until morning when the light's better, but I was just so excited to have finished that I couldn't wait.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my work, except for that strip of mismatched color near the bottom there. I didn't realize that that had happened until I was halfway through the skein, and I really didn't want to frog it and try and figure out where I was again. That'll teach me to shrug off mismatched dye lots and not want to ask about it.

But besides that, I've also finished a hat and a headwarmer! The hat is Truly Purple by Lisa Gentry, and is my first attempt at a hat in a while. In the second half of spring semester, I was a little infatuated with slouch beanies, and so I bought the little booklet the pattern was in, intending only to look at the slouchy hat on the cover. Once summer came around, though, and I started broadening my horizons, I came back to the booklet and decided to try it, and guess what? I absolutely love this hat!

It turned out much better than my slouchy hat attempts, to be honest, and I think that's partially because all my slouchy hat attempts end up too slouchy. But I love the color, I love the pattern, and I just love this hat! I learned how to M1 from it finally, at least.

And with the leftover yarn from that hat, I made a Bow Headband. I think I'll end up alternating once winter hits Williamsburg, depending on how cold it is and what my hair looks like. The bow was my favorite part about the headwarmer. I'm a sucker for bows, and I gravitate towards anything with them! This was my first attempt with short rows, and I think I did alright for my first time. I think I might have wrapped wrong on one side, though, because the two sides ended up looking different. Anyone have any advice for me about that?

So, obviously, my hands have been very busy! And they just keep going, because I just cast on a A Noble Cowl this afternoon, and I have plans to pop down to the store and buy the right sized needles so I can make this Anthropologie inspired headwrap and this Bandana Cowl. I have all this Charisma yarn leftover that I need to get rid of, because my mother is determined that I will not develop a stash, (It's going to happen anyways, I just know it!), and told me I need to use up all my yarn before I can buy more. Those two things will be perfect to do just that!

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