Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two's a Crowd

It's the second to last week of the semester! I've been trying to study hard, but in all actuality, this just means I've been knitting like a fiend. Ever since finishing my socks, I seem to have developed a urge to knit a lot of things in pairs. I finished my Mosey leg warmers, which came out rather nicely, if a little looser than I would have liked. It was my first time doing I-cords, and while I love the look of I-cords, I really just don't like knitting them. 

These leg warmers knit up very quickly, though, much quicker than I thought they would, so they were nice. It was just the fact that I had to do it twice that made me want to drag my feet. These have been in my queue  ever since I joined Ravelry, so it was very, very nice to finally get around to knitting them. I think it really shows how far I've come in knitting!

I also just finished my Longbourn Mitts--and with these, I think I am done knitting in pairs for a LONG while. Thanks to the Lizzie Bennet Diaries webseries, I've been getting into Jane Austen's works, and of course, that meant that the last time I went to the bookstore I picked up the Jane Austen Knits fall magazine. Everything in there is gorgeous and I want to make everything...but I don't have enough yarn! I fell in love with the ties on these mitts, so I had to make them. Doing these gloves wasn't my favorite project, but I think that was because by the time I had started on my second one, I was sick of doing things that required pairs.

 I'm going to go back to instant gratification projects for a while now--I'm working on a Orient Express shawl, and a Haruni for when I'm on the plane--because I'm headed to Taiwan in exactly a week! 

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